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Long After Dark Russian Market Phnom Penh

What’s new in your neighborhood: Russian Market

Phnom Penh’s Russian Market neighborhood is constantly transforming as it continues to respond to the influx of residents in search of cheaper housing and a more relaxed atmosphere than the city center. It’s easy to miss some of the many … Continue reading

Cambodia announces new retirement visa

The Cambodia Daily has reported today that Cambodia will be offering a new visa for retirees. The category ER visa is a retirement visa that will (possibly) start being issued on Monday, August 1st, 2016. Here’s what we know about … Continue reading

What’s going on with work permits in Cambodia?

Update 7/28/2016: It’s been announced today that Cambodia will begin to offer a retirement visa that waives the work permit requirement for retirees. Read our full update about the Cambodia retirement visa here. Since my last update, not much has … Continue reading

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