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Christmas in Siem Reap

2014 Christmas dinners in Siem Reap

Siem Reap is definitely the hub of Christmas activity in Siem Reap. All of the hotels have decorations bordering on the outrageous and there are lots of options for Christmas dining. As per usual, many of the major hotels are … Continue reading

2014 Christmas dinners in Phnom Penh

Cambodia sure loves its Christmases, and every year there seems to be more and more of it. Here’s the Move to Cambodia round-up of the best 2014 Christmas dinners in Phnom Penh with a good mix of budget and upscale … Continue reading

Understanding Phnom Penh rental prices

It can be difficult to navigate the rental market in Phnom Penh alone, especially for a new expat who doesn’t know what to expect. Today Leah from Elevated Realty, a Phnom Penh real estate company and Move to Cambodia advertiser, explains prices of rental … Continue reading

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