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Screenshot of a CNC tv show about scantily clad tourists

Siem Reap: 280 miles from the beach

The weather is starting to heat up again in Siem Reap and tourists are jettisoning their garments like snakes shedding their skins. Sartorial defiance is the order of the day as visitors stroll the streets of Siem Reap bare-chested or … Continue reading

From forest to frontier: Interview with Jacob O. Gold about the Kuay People

Have you ever heard of Cambodia’s Kuay people? Me, neither, until now. The Kuay people are a stateless ethnic minority who have lived in Cambodia since before the time of the Angkorian Empire. Move to Cambodia talks to Jacob O. … Continue reading

Recipes from the Cuisine Wat Damnak kitchen: Coconut panna cotta with turmeric-braised pineapple

Since it opened three years ago, Cuisine Wat Damnak in Siem Reap has become a critically acclaimed culinary institution, attracting patrons from all over the world. Many consider it the mecca for modern Cambodian cuisine, and they’ve just been honored … Continue reading

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