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Making Cambodian desserts in Siem Reap.

Review: Backstreet Academy Cambodian dessert-making class, Siem Reap

Cambodian desserts are a world away from what you are probably used to back home, but they are uniquely delicious. If you’re not used to Southeast Asian desserts, the textures and flavors can take some getting used to, but once … Continue reading

Organic groceries in Phnom Penh

We’ve just updated this post again because there are even more organic options now than ever (skip to the end for the new stores). These days, it’s not hard to find organic products in Phnom Penh if you know where … Continue reading

What’s the difference between a hard title and a soft title?

If you’re considering buying property in Cambodia, you may have heard about hard titles and soft titles, and wonder which one you need. We talk to Leah Valencia from advertiser Elevated Realty in Phnom Penh to get the scoop on … Continue reading

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