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Exporting pet from Cambodia

Exporting pets from Cambodia explained

If you’ve picked up a dog or two in Cambodia (it’s hard to resist), be sure to plan in advance when it’s time to go home. The entire process of exporting a pet from Cambodia usually takes four to six … Continue reading

Things to do on the islands: Koh Rong boat trips

Our guide to what to do on Koh Rong got to be so long that we’ve had to split it up into sections. Enjoy! Want to explore remote beaches, visit local villages and nearby islands, snorkel over coral reefs, and … Continue reading

Phnom Penh movie theaters

Phnom Penh’s changing faster than I can keep up, so I’ve given this post a well-deserved update. Remembering a time when Phnom Penh didn’t have a “proper” movie theater makes me sound like an old-fogey, reminiscing about the days gone … Continue reading

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