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Labaab restaurant Phnom Penh

Review: La’Baab Restaurant, Phnom Penh

Cambodian cuisine is delicious, interesting, and varied, but there are few sit-down restaurants in Phnom Penh that do Khmer food justice. Restaurants with a pleasant ambiance also tend to be tourist-oriented, and are likely to serve an incoherent array of … Continue reading

Cambodia’s Water Festival

Cambodia’s famous Water Festival is one of the highlights of the calendar year, bringing together people from across the country for three unforgettable days of boat racing, fireworks and festivities. Heralding the end of the rainy season and the coming … Continue reading

Yes, there are road rules in Cambodia

By Peter Ford @PeteAFord Confronted by cars, motorbikes and tuk tuks on the roads of Cambodia operating with little apparent appreciation of internationally established road etiquette, one could be led to believe that the country does not have much in … Continue reading

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