Phnom Penh grows more cosmopolitan by the day and has (almost) all the comforts of home.

Phnom Penh is a city on the move, and nearly unrecognizable compared to how it was just a decade or two in the past. Cambodia’s capital city was once known for its iconic French colonial architecture and broad, tree-lined boulevards. Today the trees are mostly gone, and Phnom Penh is dotted with decrepit French colonial buildings shadowed by shiny new high rises. Now home to international brands, a plethora of new restaurants, and a host of imported goods and products, the city is a magnet for Cambodians from the provinces looking for new opportunities, and for expats from around the world who are searching for the very same thing.

Whether you’re in town for a weekend or a year, we’ve got the low-down on everything you need to know about Phnom Penh, from restaurants, hotels, and nightlife to supermarkets, gyms, and schools.

Phnom Penh Expat City Guide

Figure out where you want to stay with our real reviews of Phnom Penh hotels and guesthouses.

Hungry? We tell you where to eat in Cambodia’s capital.

There’s no way around it, Phnom Penh is a party city! Read our bars, clubs, and nightlife section for the low-down.

If you’re only in town for a few days, Phnom Penh has lots to see and do. Check out our picks for sightseeing and things to do.

Learn about the city’s best shopping in our shopping guide.

In the transportation section we cover how to get in, out, and around Phnom Penh, including our favorite local tuk tuk drivers, moto rentals, and taxis.

Find out about which are the best local hospitals, doctors and clinics, reputable pharmacies, pediatricians, and dental care in our  medical care section.

Expat essentials covers the basics you’ll need as a Phnom Penh expat:

Electricity and plumbing, Groceries and supermarkets, Gyms, fitness classes, and sports, International schools, Internet providers, Laundry and dry cleaning, Learning KhmerReal estate and housing, Travel Agents, and Veterinarians.

Want to meet other Phnom Penh expats? We help you find them.

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