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covid-19 vaccination in Cambodia

Getting the COVID-19 vaccination in Cambodia

The COVID-19 vaccination process in Cambodia is being managed by a patchwork of different ministries and the process is fairly opaque, but rest assured it is proceeding and Cambodia has committed to vaccinating foreign residents. So the best advice is … Continue reading

Surviving COVID-19 school closures in Cambodia

After what felt like a millennium, in January schools reopened in Cambodia, and parents hoped it would usher in some level of normality. Unfortunately, 2021 isn’t panning out the way we hoped it would, and schools are closed again in … Continue reading

Where to buy children’s books in Phnom Penh

A round-up of the best places to buy new and used English-language children’s books in Phnom Penh, from picture books and fairy tales to textbooks and boxed sets. Continue reading

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