Siem Reap international schools

Siem Reap has many international and English-language schools to choose from, with more popping up every year. 

While it doesn’t have the range of educational choices that Phnom Penh does, Siem Reap has an ever-growing number of international schools taught in English, French, and Khmer. While the majority are for children up to age 12, a few also accept students through high school.

International School of Siem Reap has programs for students from nursery age through high school. The school is accredited by Cambridge Assessment International Education and students are taught based on the British National Curriculum and Cambridge IGCSE curriculum, culminating in Cambridge A-levels. There are also ESL programs for students who arrive speaking little or no English. Fees start at $2,090 for part-time nursery students to $8,250 for high school students, plus a one-time enrollment fee of $250 to $1,500 and a yearly registration fee of $250 to $500, based on age.

Ecole Française de Siem Reap, also known as Siem Reap’s “French school,” is operated in association with the French Lycée René Descartes in Phnom Penh and, unlike many schools in Cambodia, they hire only internationally qualified teachers. EFSR teaches the French Ministry of National Education program (in French) but is open to international students. English and Khmer are taught as foreign languages, although some classes can be taken in English. The cost for the “petite section” (ages 3-4) is $3,540 and increases to $4,860 for students 14 and up. The enrollment fee is $550 to $750 and the yearly fees are $250 to $290, based on age. Small discounts are offered for families with multiple students enrolled.

Bambujaya is a new bilingual school that bills itself as “creative Waldorf-inspired learning.” The school is entirely bilingual, taught in English and Khmer for kindergarten students through Year 5. It values creativity and emphasizes child-led and project-based learning. Unlike many schools in Cambodia, there are no uniforms and there are lots of field trips and a focus on the natural environment. The English curriculum is taught by a certified Waldorf teacher in the international Waldorf-Steiner method. The cost is $4,980 per year, plus a one-time $500 enrollment fee and a yearly $600 fee.

Treehouse International School Siem Reap teaches a British-style curriculum for students up to age 11 and offers daycare for children starting at 6 months. It’s an expat favorite in Siem Reap, with a large garden for children to play in. Treehouse follows the British Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) up to age 6, then the British Education Curriculum Key Stage framework, which focuses on English, mathematics, science, and “foundation,” which consists of humanities, arts and music, physical education, and computing. They do not include prices on their site and we’ve contacted them for details several times but they have not been forthcoming. This may be because prices are not standardized and vary by family based on unknown factors. If you have any additional information, please drop us a line.

St. George’s International School (SGIS) opened in 2014 and bills itself as a small, family-run school. They run a two-track curriculum, for both Khmer- and English-speakers, and are licensed by Cambodia’s Ministry of Education to provide both the Khmer National Curriculum as well as Canada’s Ontario curriculum. For the Canadian curriculum, the cost for nursery students is $1,500 per year, up to $4,500 for grade 9. Enrollment fees are a one-time payment of $200 to $600, and yearly administration fees $250 to $550 based on the student’s age. There are discounts for students from the same family. For students enrolled in the Khmer National curriculum the cost is significantly less, at $300 to $800 yearly.