Review: Krousar Khmer’s Home Guesthouse, Siem Reap

Krousar Khmer’s Home is definitely one of Siem Reap’s budget accommodation gems. Tucked away down a red dirt road in the quiet Phum Triang neighborhood on the north side of town, this unassuming guesthouse offers travelers very reasonable rates: $10 to $12 per night or, if you’re planning to stay longer, the monthly rate starts at $150.

Krousar Khmer's Home Siem Reap garden

Get out of the tourist center and relax in a local Cambodian neighborhood.

The quiet location is ideal if you want a respite from the noise and tourists in the town center, and offers the opportunity to relax in a homey environment in a laid back Cambodian neighborhood. There are friendly faces everywhere, plus laundry service and a convenience store right across the road that sells, among other things, drinks and phone top-ups. It’s also incredibly convenient to the temples, and is just a few kilometers to the Angkor Archaeological Park.

The Cambodian owner of Krousar Khmer’s Home, Fara, is fluent in English and loves meeting travelers from around the world. Originally from Battambang, she has lived in Siem Reap for years and can help with anything from getting you a tuk tuk ride to the temples to correcting your Khmer pronunciation. The guesthouse’s common area in the courtyard is a great place to hang out with others who are passing through Siem Reap, and the communal dinner barbecue every Sunday is a perfect opportunity to meet people. If you want to learn more about local food, Fara offers a tour for guests that’s a good way for those on a budget to learn to approach street food in Cambodia with a bit more confidence.

Fara from Krousar Khmers Home Guesthouse Siem Reap

Fara, the owner of Krousar Khmer’s Home, and her dog Winnie are what make the place special.

The rooms at Krousar Khmer’s Home are simple but clean and, while there is no air-conditioning, roof and floor fans in the rooms keep the air moving. Shade from the trees in the garden and the surrounding neighborhood keep the rooms at an acceptable level of warm, even when it’s really hot outside. The rooms are also equipped with a fridge, a sink, and a worktop, and all have private bathrooms. The hot shower does not always work, but after several hours of touring temples in the middle of the day in Cambodia a cold shower is one of life’s pleasures.

Krousar Khmer's Home Guesthouse

The rooms at Krousar Khmer’s Home Guesthouse are simple but tidy. Photo supplied.

At the end of the road is Borei Brembrei, a small plaza that is home to a market and several businesses, and between 8 and 9 in the morning is a great place to go for a nice (and inexpensive) local breakfast. Several places offer a variety of morning staples including bobor (Cambodian rice porridge) and bai sach j’rouk (pork and rice). If you would rather not venture out, Fara offers breakfast at the guesthouse for a modest price.

Krousar Khmer’s Home’s family vibe is the real thing, since Fara regularly has family members working with her, something that’s very typical of locally run businesses. In fact, the name of the guesthouse means “Cambodian Family’s Home.” Two of the family members you’ll likely meet are Winnie and Aslan, the dogs that, like all good Cambodian dogs, keep guard day and night. However, they’re extremely friendly and love to be petted and given treats. They were my favorite part about staying there!

Krousar Khmer’s Home
Behind Baray Andat Cinema, Triang Village, Siem Reap
T: +855 89 290 649

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