The best supermarkets in Phnom Penh

Despite Cambodia’s status as a developing country, its grocery stores are, compared to many neighboring countries, fantastic. Because Cambodia signed up to the World Trade Organization in 2004, the country was flooded with imported goods–maybe not so great for the economy, but the expats in town aren’t complaining! Phnom Penh’s supermarkets aren’t cheaper, of course, than shopping at a local market, but if you prefer your meats refrigerated, your prices fixed and access to imported products, you’ve got many options in Phnom Penh, and more are being added all of the time including organic options. This updated posts features 7 of the best supermarkets in Phnom Penh.

Lucky Supermarket – Sihanouk

A shelf of goods at Lucky Supermarket on Sihanouk in Phnom Penh

Get lucky at Lucky Supermarket’s most popular outlet in Phnom Penh.

Lucky is a chain of Western-style grocery stores in Phnom Penh (four at last count) and although the Sihanouk Boulevard branch is not the biggest, it is probably the most popular. It seems to be the testing ground for new products, and as of late they have been expanding their selection of foreign foods with lots more imported meats, fruits and cheeses. (They’ve even got Greek yogurt and chorizo these days!) Their selection of vegetables and produce is outstanding, although the prices have been steadily climbing so if you’re watching your wallet, it makes sense to buy the locally available items at a local market for half the cost. Lucky also carries a large selection of Western and Asian snack foods as well as dry goods like shampoo and diapers. It gets very crowded after work, so plan accordingly.

Lucky Supermarket Sihanouk

160 Sihanouk Blvd, Phnom Penh
T: 023 215 229
Open daily, 08:00–21:00

Bayon Market

If you want to stock your pantry, Bayon Market in Phnom Penh offers the widest array of dry goods at the lowest prices. From American cereals to Korean ingredients, Bayon has brands from around the world, including some surprising finds, like Costco-brand olive oil and vitamins. Bayon carries a few key items that you won’t find elsewhere in town, like canned and dried black beans and chick peas, as well as various other legumes. They do have a small meat and vegetable section, and although their veggies can be much pricier than at local markets, they often carry items that you won’t find locally. They also have a good selection of beer, spirits and wine at reasonable prices. Upstairs they have one of the most complete kitchen supply stores in town, where, oddly, you’ll find items from Ikea and Walmart.

Bayon Market

33-34 Street 114, Phnom Penh
T: 023 881 266
Open daily, 08:00–21:00

Thai Huot

The cheese and refrigerator section at Thai Hout Phnom Penh

If you’re looking for French cheese, pate and foie gras, look no further than Thai Hout

Thai Huot used to be small, but after a recent renovation they’ve expanded to be almost twice the former size, still filled with a wide array of foreign products, with the focus on French and European goods. They are known for having one of the best selections of cheese in town, as well as pate, foie gras and all things tempting and French, including lentils, tinned cassoulet and duck confit. Obviously, you’ll need a few baguettes to go with all of the above, so of course they have good, reasonably priced bread as well. Their vegetable selection is small, but they have the essentials. Where Thai Huot really excel is in the spice department–they carry many spices sought by Europeans that you can’t find anywhere else in town, such as herbes de provence.

Thai Hout

99-105 Monivong Blvd, Phnom Penh
T: 023 724 623
Open daily, 7:30-20:30

Thai Huot BKK1

Thai Hout BKK!

Thai Huot in BKK 1 has all of the amenities of the original, and a more convenient location for many.

A new Thai Huot supermarket opened last December and it’s possibly even better than the original, and with it’s BKK1 location, certainly more convenient for many expats. Thai Huot excels in dry goods, dairy, and cupboard items. They’ve got a great selection of French wines and cheeses, and French baked goods, plus an excellent array of European spices. They aren’t as impressive in the meats department, but all of that cheese, glorious cheese, makes up for it. Thai Huot used to be one of the only places in town you could get a Camembert. Now there’s loads of competition, but unlike many of the once-unique businesses in Cambodia who struggle to keep up with the pace of development in Cambodia, Thai Huot has been able to stay ahead of the curve.

Thai Hout BKK1

214 Street 63 (at Street 352), BKK1, Phnom Penh
T: 023 726 604; 023 726 605
Open daily, 7:30-20:30

Lucky Supermarket – Olympic/City Mall

The wide, sweeping aisles of Lucky Supermarket Olympic City Mall Phnom Penh are a treat!

A more relaxed shopping environment greets visitors to Lucky Supermarket in City Mall

Although most of the Lucky supermarkets are quite similar, what sets the Lucky inside City Mall apart is that it’s enormous. Wide aisles makes for a great shopping experience, and they have more space to dedicate to some of the sections they skimp on in their other stores, such as household supplies and toiletries. They also have a great selection of fresh meats and seafood as well as fruits and vegetables. It’s a little outside of the city center, but offers a much less crowded and more relaxed shopping experience.

Lucky Supermarket Olympic/City Mall

Monireth Blvd, Phnom Penh
Open daily, 8:00-21:00


Lots of veggies at Veggy’s.

Deceptively small in appearance but packed with product, Veggy’s offers a selection of frozen, imported meats and seafood, canned goods, imported wines and features a cold room in the back that is packed with Western vegetables, meats and cheeses. This is the place to go for many hard-to-find items including fresh artichokes, pine nuts, chorizo and manchego cheese, among other things. More of a specialty shop than supermarket, Veggy’s still manages to carry enough to cover (almost) everything you need.  While the store could accurately be described as overpriced and the staff as inattentive, Veggy’s still is worth a visit for hard-to-find items. (Read the full review here.)


23 St 240, Phnom Penh
T: 023 211 534

Natural Garden

Natural Garden Phnom Penh

It’s au natural at Natural Garden.

Natural Garden is Phnom Penh’s leading source of organic vegetables for restaurants and hotels, but they also have a couple of retail locations. The Street 63 is their original store, and carries a wide range of organic vegetables, fruits, and herbs. They’ve got their own farm where they grow most of their produce, which actually looks organic, i.e. imperfect in a good way. Natural Garden is one of the only places in town where you can find proper red tomatoes. They also sell organic rice, free-range chicken, and eggs. Natural Garden also carries a range of imported meats and cheeses that while are not necessarily organic, are high-end and tasty. The store is also a good place to find other natural and organic local products that show up from time to time, from macrobiotic lunchboxes to locally-made yogurt drinks.

Natural Garden

213 Street 63, BKK1, Phnom Penh
T: 023 555 2028

There’s more! We’ve also got a list of all of the organic groceries and retailers in Phnom Penh.

23 Responses to The best supermarkets in Phnom Penh

  1. Erterte says:

    I rate those supermarkets 5out of ten. Unless they got some maple syrup and dry ice for sale, I’ll rate them 10/10 lol.

  2. borith says:

    Kelly is spot on right !!! Anyone who can ascertain dumbness got to be dumb enough to compare self to others so Elvis get up yours and show respects to cambodians

  3. Elvis presley says:

    Lucky is great if u live in the area but I agree that the staff are incredibly irritating and as useless as useless can be. And that’s if u can actually find one that actually speaks decent English In a market catering to foreigners. After going there I am convinced that Cambodians are genetically dumber than the rest of the world. If u want to pay double the price; want to have a 20 minute mind numbing conversation that would normally take 5 seconds ; or otherwise practice English with a borderline retarded Cambodian ..lucky is the place to go Phnom Penh .
    Someone once advanced a theory to me. That Cambodians appear dumber than others bc the Khmer Rouge killed off the intelligentsia and what u have today is the remainder that were spared.

    • Kelly says:

      Elvis, are foreigners genetically ruder than everyone else because with a comment like that I’m surprised anyone would even talk to you, let alone assist you.

      p.s. you’re not in a English speaking country so how about you get your head out of your ass and show some respect for the land you’re in and keep your ignorant comments to yourself.

  4. Elvis presley says:

    I remember going to pencil..buying about 10$ worth of stuff and promptly returning them when I found the same for about 3$ At M Asia. Unfortunately no meats and a limited selection but if ur looking for spices and onions n garlic and particularly ingredients for indian’s a good bet on the way to or from lucky

  5. tongfang says:

    Bath Salt and body soap(small square) in LUCKY MALL Siem Reap these products are from thailand not KHMER Products. So you should becareful manufacture from. Khmer is Khmer not Thailand.
    Your high trademark and brand name is known as like that?

  6. Gary Hearty says:

    Lucky Market is simply a wretched place to shop. Carrying mostly junk food in their center aisles, the frozen food section is pitiful as is the fresh produce (at tthe Sihanouk store at least). The clerks are all rude (are they trained to be?) and prices have consistanly risen over the past year. There ARE other markets in the city that offer better choices even if prices have risen.

  7. Dear Sir or madame!

    I would like to buy glucolin glucose-D
    from your market do you have it ?

    I’m looking forward to hear from you.

    Kind Regards,
    Roath Leakhena
    Tel. 012376968

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  9. Kristin says:

    Although Bayon has decent prices – I would be wary about parking my car there. I had a terrible experience with a security guard today and it took more than 90 minutes to get a manager from Bayon to talk to me. Interestingly, she told me I was not the first person to complain about the security guards.
    Be cognizant of the safety concerns. Your car and family are way more important than any savings/item you think you can get at Bayon. There are many grocery stores to go to in Phnom Penh that have reliable security guards.
    Besides, those Costco items you get there are available at USA Donut and the items are cheaper there!!!!

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  12. Lina says:

    Bayon has dried AND canned chickpeas. You can also get dry ones a little bit cheaper at the Indian shop on 282 behind Lucky.

    • Elvis presley says:

      Yes that store behind lucky is called M Asia and has lots of stuff and particularly spices that u can’t find at other places or that incredibly overpriced elsewhere .. I bought a number of things like mustard seeds , and coriander powder and they were each less than a dollar. Most of these items were at Least 2-3$ in other places.

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