How to get from Siem Reap to Bangkok

There are lots of ways to get from Cambodia to Thailand, and it all depends on how much time, money, and patience you have. In this post, I’ll cover the best ways to get from Siem Reap to Bangkok whether you travel by plane, direct bus, mini-bus, taxi, or casino bus. Flying is always the most convenient, but going overland is less expensive and more of an adventure!
If you’re heading the other direction, how to get from Bangkok to Siem Reap.

At a glance…Siem Reap to Bangkok

Nattakan Transport Co bus Bangkok to Siem Reap

The direct bus from Bangkok to Siem Reap (and vice versa)


Direct buses from Siem Reap to Bangkok

The easiest way to get from Siem Reap to Bangkok is by direct bus, although it’s not the fastest. Direct means that you don’t have to change buses at the border or haul your luggage over the border — it stays on the bus while you get your visas. While many buses advertise themselves as direct buses, there are only two companies that are true direct buses: Nattakan and Giant Ibis.

Nattakan/Transport Co. Ltd direct buses that go from Siem Reap to Bangkok. You can purchase tickets Read our full review with photos of the Nattakan direct bus.

Giant Ibis, a company with great reputation in Cambodia, are now running buses between Bangkok and Siem Reap.  The buses are new, the drivers are good, and the attendants are friendly and help you through the visa process at the border. Although the tickets are more expensive at $35, it seems worth the price, and there are no booking fees. The Giant Ibis Siem Reap Bangkok direct bus leaves from 7:45 a.m. Tickets Read our full review with photos of the Giant Ibis Bangkok bus.

Taking a taxi

Taxi is the most expensive overland option, and doesn’t save much hassle over going by bus, as you still have to use two taxis and walk through the border on foot because cars aren’t allowed through the border. You can book a taxi at any guesthouse or local travel agent in Siem Reap, but you may get a cheaper rate by asking a tuk tuk driver to get one of his friends to do it. Prices from Siem Reap to Poipet are around $30 and take two hours.

Once you’ve crossed the border, there are taxis waiting that will take you anywhere in Bangkok for 1900 baht ($60). The trip takes from Aranyaprathet to Bangkok takes three or four hours, and you may need to haggle about the price.

As per usual, taxis in Cambodia (and Thailand) are usually Toyota Camrys that can comfortably seat three passengers and can uncomfortably seat four. They usually have a tank in their trunk and cannot fit a lot of baggage.

Mini-buses from Bangkok to Siem Reap

Mini-bus from Siem Reap to Bangkok

The mini-buses from Siem Reap to Bangkok are cheap and cheerful.

There are mini-bus services that go “direct,” meaning the same company will drop you off on the Cambodia side of the border and then meet you on the Thailand side of the border. You still need to haul your luggage through the border on foot, and often end up waiting for others on your bus who takes hours to go through immigration. These services offer you no direction or hand-holding in getting through the border, so there’s really no reason to take them through. It’s better to buy a ticket from Siem Reap only to Poipet and then either take another mini-bus or a casino bus from Aranyaprathet to Bangkok.

From Siem Reap, there are mini-buses that leave for Poipet every morning. I can’t recommend any specific company because they are all disappointing in their own way. But at $5 a ticket, it’s hard to complain because they do manage to get you from A to B without much hassle. Book a night in advance. You can book tickets to Poipet at any local travel agent but be sure to haggle, as they’ll often try to charge $10 for a $5 ticket. The trip takes about 2.5 hours.

Once you are through the border in Aranyaprathet, you can grab another minibus that goes to Mo Chit 2, (also sometimes called Northern terminal) in Bangkok for 230 baht ($7.20). You’ll need to wait for enough passengers to show up and fill the bus, but it doesn’t usually take long…unless it does. The trip from Aranyaprathet to Bangkok takes between four and six hours, depending on what time you leave.

Mini-bus and casino bus combo

Casino buses Aranyaprathet border

You’ll know the casino buses by the stunning artwork that graces the exterior.

Another option is the mini-bus and casino bus combo. It’s sort of a pain, but it involves hopping a $5 mini-bus in Siem Reap to the Poipet/Aranyaprathet border, walking through, then heading to the car park next to the 7-11 and catch a casino bus. You’ll recognize the casino buses because they are massive and brightly painted with kooky designs.

The casino buses are meant for Thai gamblers who leave at 5:30 a.m. to come to Poipet to gamble all day, then head back to Bangkok in the afternoon. They are VIP luxury buses and are very comfortable. They go from Rong Kleu Market in Aranyaprathet to Mo Chit, Lumphini Park, and Bang Na in Bangkok and cost 200 thb ($6.25). The trip takes five to six hours (they usually get stuck in traffic) but stop halfway at a nice little rest stop with a couple of dozen street food vendors and all of the gamblers make a mad dash for bowls of soup and then pile back onto the bus and eat it. This method provides the best cultural experience. Unfortunately I can’t tell you what time the buses leave or stop running because I don’t speak Thai, but they seem to be around noon to 4 p.m. from Aranyaprathet.

To catch the casino bus, after you get stamped out of Cambodia and into Thailand, head straight and then turn right for Rong Kleu Market. Turn right at 7-11 and the buses are parked in the parking lot there. We’ve got a map that shows where the casino buses are parked on our crossing the Poipet border post. If you heading the other direction, you can catch the casino buses at Lumphini Park. They start around 5 a.m. and leave regularly (every 2o-30 minutes) until around 9 a.m.

In response to several queries, yes, the casino buses are safe for solo female travelers and I have done the trip on my own several times. In fact, the bus is mostly full of solo female gambers, ie elderly Thai women.

Flights from Bangkok to Siem Reap

Cambodia Angkor Air

Cambodia Angkor Air: Cambodia’s national flag carrier.

Bangkok Airways offer one-way flights at less than $100. They offer a 20kg baggage allowance, but if you sign up with their frequent flyer club they will automatically give you an extra 10kg. Another nice perk is that there’s an airline lounge for all passengers, not just those in business class.

Malaysia-based LCC Air Asia has daily flights between Siem Reap and Bangkok that are usually the cheapest option available. You can find one-way flights on this route for as little as $70 if you book in advance. Flights arrive at Bangkok’s DMK airport and you’ll pay extra for baggage.

Local airline Cambodia Angkor Air also flies the Siem Reap to Bangkok route and generally offer the lowest prices for flights that are booked on short notice. Tickets include 20 kgs of luggage and they fly into the main Suvarnabhumi Airport. One-way flight start at $80 but they are less reliable than the other airlines, in that flights are often cancelled and rescheduled. Read our full review of Cambodia Angkor Air.

Thai Smile, a low-cost carrier owned by Thai Airways, offers cheap flights that, unlike other LCCs, fly into the main Suvarnabhumi Airport and include 20kg of luggage. Ticket prices start at $70 and are less expensive if you book them directly from the Thai Smile website.

We’ve got another post that go over all of the flights from Siem Reap to Bangkok in more detail.

Crossing the border

The Aranyaprathat/Poipet border is known for scams, delays, and confusion. I’ve got a whole blog post with what you need to know about crossing the Poipet/Aranyaprathet border, but here are some important things to know.

You do not need to change money into Thai baht. This is a scam and you will be given an outrageously bad exchange rate.

You do not need to pay any border crossing fees or get a Thai visa before you get to the border office. Do not accept help from anyone who says they can help you get a visa or cross a border.

Know that Thai officials have been cracking down on those who appear to living illegally in Thailand. They only allow two land border entries per year, and there is a requirement for each person to be carrying 10,000 Thai baht, or the equivalent in another currency, per person. This is rarely enforced unless the border officials have some misgivings about you, but if you have multiple Thai visas, it’s best to show be able to show that you have cash on hand, a hotel reservation, and plans to leave.

If you’re going the other way, check out my post on how to get from Bangkok to Siem Reap

Bangkok Airways

Air Asia

Cambodia Angkor Air

Thai Smile

Direct bus – Nattakan Transport

22 Sivatha Blvd, Svay Dangkom District, Siem Reap [map]
T: 063 96 48 96; 078 975 333
Buy Nattakan tickets online

Giant Ibis Bangkok

22 Thanan Tanao Road, Bangkok [ map]
T: +66 921 939 333

Giant Ibis Siem Reap

Khmer Pub Street, Siem Reap [map]
T: 095 777 809 or +855 (0)95 777 809
Buy Giant Ibis tickets online

Bus tickets purchased through links in this post may generate affiliate sales for us. This does not affect our reviews for specific bus companies or routes! For more about how we deal with advertising, affiliate sales, and stuff like that, you can read more here.

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    koop says:

    Now also Giantibis has this direct link-and has also online booking-as most of you youngies seem unable to survive without that.
    (may have postd, no time to read this all-can update the blog then).
    Beside the already mentiond Virak Bungtam (or so) there seems to be yet another Khmer comp. also directly serving the KhaoSarn area-but not daily.
    VB now offers 3 trips//day, one they call ”night bus” it lvs. BKK by 1.00 (am) and arrives border around the time it opens-if its really also a ”through”bus I dk. Check it out yourself!
    VANs in BKK do NOT leave anymore from the Vict.Monument-they were all moved to the old big busstations so Mochit here. There are now ALSO vans to Aran/Rg Kleua from the SaiThai terminal (about 2 hourly).

      Lina says:

      Thanks, Koop. I actually just took the Giant Ibis bus a week or so ago, but haven’t had time to write it up yet. I wouldn’t take a VB night bus if you paid me! Also, the border closes at night so no idea how there night bus works, they must sit at the border for hours in the morning. I changed the info about Victory Monument, thanks for the heads up.

      koop says:

      further now-the 3d direct bus I saw leaving yesterday from KSR-its the same VN type of Khmer bus as the others. Forgot the name.
      That ”nite”bus is in fact a van in TH till border-dep. BKK by 1.00 means arr. border by 5.00/5.30-in time for opening at 6.00-and some brekkie before from the 7, which as you know is not open from 7.00, but 24 hrs here. The Thai part is run by the long established and also long time complained about Thaitravelmarket, with office close to KSR.

    ERICSON says:

    Can someone help me here, PLEASE! We will leave Siem Reap around 12:30 PM and will travel to Poipet via taxi or van (2-3 hours). Then maybe 2 hours for the immigration process, and we can enter Aranyaprathet by 5:00 PM. Is there any means of transportation by this time (5:00 PM) to Bangkok? What is the best way? Taxi? Is there a BUS? Thanks a lot!

    Hilda says:

    Hi! thank you for covering this, its a huge help.
    Do you have any experience with taking Mekong express Vip van? Its an 8 hr ride as compared to the 12 hr ride by Nattakan.
    Also, any idea why the huge difference in time?

      Lina says:

      It depends on the border, but either Nattakan or Mekong can take anywhere between 8 and 12 hours. Mekong might be slightly faster because vans are usually faster than buses, but not by much.

    Donatella says:

    Hi all ! I’m Dona from Italy, and I need help ! ^_____^ I’d like to book the transfer from BKK to Siem Reap with Bookmebus but I can’t find where are the boarding point in BKK and the drop off point in Sie Reap.
    Thanks, ciao !

    Aridni says:

    For anyone who would like to do a Siem Reap – Bangkok by bus i only recommend NATTAKAN ( bus. It’s $28 which is more than other bus companies or cheaper methods like the casino bus. But it’s really worth it. Hassle-free, comfortable. You can book online and you’ll get snacks and mini lunch on board.

    I’ve researched other bus companies like Capitol Tour, Hang Tep and Virak Buntham, they all got pretty bad reps on Tripadvisor and some travel blogs.

    Anyway, thank you for this detailed guide (and this entire website lol)! It helps a lot!

    Alic Balmes says:

    hello, thank you for all the help. just got back from my Vietnam, Cambodia, Bangkok trip and it was amazing.. the tips here are legit and awesome. so glad i subscribed.. we didn’t encounter a lot of hassle crossing Siem Reap to Bangkok but then again it could be possible that everyone was still mourning the death of the king.. hands down the best site to check out when crossing the borders of these countries.. :)

    Nichole says:

    Hi! Do you have any info about the Midnight/Night bus from Siem Reap to Bangkok also available in bookmebus. Why does it take longer to travel? 12:30 AM to 11:00 AM compared to 8:00 AM to 5:30 AM. Thanks!!!

      Lina says:

      What company is it? I wouldn’t take a night bus with most of the bus companies in Cambodia because it’s too dangerous.

        Nichole says:

        I’ve checked and emailed The bus company will be Virak Buntham. It’s a 28 seater mini bus. There’ s 12 of us that will travel using this (friends & family) bookmebus said that we’ll wait around 1.5hrs in the border until it opens. Same bus will take us to Bangkok. Please let me know if it’s a good option or not. Thank you!

      vincent says:

      I am fairly sure they are not telling you the truth. It is only 2 1/2 hours to the border.Any “midnight bus” to Bangkok will be a lie as the border does not open until 7 AM or so and I bet they are NOT a through bus anyway and you get changed to a van with another company once you finally get through Cambodian and Thai immigration. Remember they expect never to see you again anyway.

        Lina says:

        Good point, Vincent. I only know of one (and another on the way) company who has license to offer a direct bus (ie. no changes).

        If this bus leaves at 12:30, it will arrive at 5, sit at the border for two hours waiting for it to open, spend 1.5 hours (?) going through the border, then another 3.5 (?) to Bangkok. I don’t see how it could even get there by 11am.

        And there’s the fact that it’s Virak Buntham so you may get sexually assaulted by the driver while you wait at the border.

          Nichole says:

          Oh myyyy! What a horrible situation it will be. Thank you for your advice! Will definitely not push through with the booking. Will probably just take the Nattakan bus instead. Thank you so much!

          PS. So there’s really no “midnight bus” from Siem Reap to Bangkok with good reviews or reputation?

            Lina says:

            No. Read Vincent’s comment. It’s 2.5 hours to the Thailand border and the border doesn’t open until 7am. So there’s no way there could be a legit night bus to Bangkok. Personally I would go on Nattakan during the day.

    Justin says:

    Super useful website. The language that is used is spot on. Really enjoyable, informative and smooth reading. Thank you kind sir/madam for the write up.

    Con says:

    Really useful website, thanks for putting the time into it! My question doesn’t involve Siem Reap but was wondering what the options are like from poipet to Battambang. Ideally a bus or whatever is cheapest (2 traveling). Apologies if this is covered elsewhere on your website. Cheers

      Lina says:

      I actually don’t know of any buses that do that route. Try emailing because they can sometimes organize routes that aren’t on their site.

      Con says:

      We managed to get on a Capitol bus from poipet to Battambang, went straight to their office after getting through the touts. Cost roughly $9 for two people, highly reccommend Capitol bus company, although may have to wait a little

    Ton Polosan says:

    Thank you for such informative blog.
    I would like to ask, is it possible for me to go to Bangkok from Siem Reap by 12noon via bus?

    In your post and some other sites only have until 9am for the bus.

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